RFID + Biometric Attendence

RF-Attendance provides robust, secure and automatic attendance management in educational institutions. With RF-Attendance system, student attendance management becomes easier, more efficient and accurate. Proxy attendance can be eliminated or minimized.

Automates the whole system of students Registration & ID card printing, automatic attendance recording, data processing on attendance Server, daily SMS to parents, weekly & monthly attendance reports for teachers, MIS attendance reports, etc.

Faculty is free from monotonous work of attendance taking in every lecture & they can devote full lecture for teaching. Parents gets daily SMS of classes attended & where about of their wards. Students are aware of their accurate attendance.

In LF – Low Frequency Attendance System, low cost LF card Readers are mounted in each class room, labs, hostel, mess, gym, library, fees counter, canteen, post office, bank, etc. Student shows his LF ID card to Reader or puts thumb on Biometric Reader to mark his attendance / presence. The read range is just 5 Centimetres. In one minute, practically one Reader reads around 12-15 students. The data of each Reader is automatically transferred to Attendance Server many times in a day every day. Attendance server analysis the records & sends appropriate SMS to parents & students at day end.

• Reliable and accurate tracking
• Multi-level management capabilities
• Automated Time & Attendance
• Simple and easy to use