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INTEGRITY Softwares provides comprehensive GIS application development services based on TransCAD for the Web and Maptitude for the Web. We specialize in designing, implementing, and integrating GIS applications for large enterprises and government organizations.


We just don't design websites. We generate business results on the internet. Our primary research is based on questions like:

  • Enterprise desktop applications
  • Enterprise web services and mashups
  • Web applications
  • Geographic databases

INTEGRITY Softwares provides enterprise add-ins and extensions to our core desktop GIS applications, TransCAD, Maptitude, and TransModeler. These desktop applications can include custom thematic mapping, redistricting, and geographic editing following complex business rules, market analysis, transportation planning and modeling, political mapping, and custom geographic reports.


If you are developing a web site or a new online service and you would like to integrate geographic information, we can provide a custom web service that you can easily integrate, or mash-up into your site. When we develop a custom web service, we design it using unobtrusive Javascript and Ajax. You don't need to be an expert in GIS to program our web services.

Our GIS web services can provide many different geographic functions including custom thematic map creation, selection of database records by location, geocoding, reverse geocoding, geo-tagging, and reporting Census demographic or legislative district information by location.

We support creating APIs in a variety of formats, including REST, SOAP, JSON, RSS, or your own custom XML. We can provide application development services in a variety of server-side languages including Python, PHP and ASP.NET (VB.NET and C#). On the client-side, we integrate our Javascript library with jQuery, Dojo, and the Google map API. We can host the web service for you or deliver a web service platform that you can host on your own servers.


INTEGRITY Softwares provides turnkey geographic web application development services, including map user interface design, client-side programming using unobtrusive Javascript and server-side programming in PHP, Python, or ASP.NET (VB.NET and C#). We can either host your application on our servers or provide you with an application that you can host on your own.


INTEGRITY Softwares provides consulting services for the design of data used in geographic applications. We support many database formats, including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, and the most popular geographic file formats. We support data conversion, geocoding, and geographic editing of very large databases (millions of records).

We support tagging database records with longitude, latitude, postal code (ZIP Code), legislative districts, and Census FIPS codes.